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Group Picture (July 2021):


Group Picture (November 2019):




Toolika Agrawal

Toolika received a Master’s degree from University of Mumbai, India in 2008. She then joined Nycomed Pharma, Mumbai as a medicinal chemist. After completing her PhD in 2015 at Indiana University under the guidance of Prof. Silas Cook, she was a process chemist in the agrochemical industry at Syngenta. In 2020, she joined Prof. Sieber’s group as a postdoctoral researcher.


Dang Binh Ho

Dang received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Ho Chi Minh City University of Science in 2014. He then obtained his PhD degree from Université de Strasbourg under the direction of Dr. Jean-Pierre Djukic in 2019, his thesis focused on the synthesis and characterization of iridacyclic silylenes complexes. In 2020, he joined Sieber’s group as a postdoctoral researcher.

Graduate Students:


Raphael Klake (Fourth-year)

Raphael got his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from University of Ghana in 2017 where he worked under the supervision of Prof. Augustine Donkor, characterizing greywater. He was the Vice President of the Ghana Student’s Chemical Society (GSCS) from 2015-16. He then became the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of the GSCS from 2016-17. Raphael’s desire to advance his education lead him to VCU where he joined the Sieber research group in 2018.


Samantha Gargaro (Fourth-year)

Samantha Ginter is a graduate student in VCU’s Department of Chemistry. She received her B.S. in chemistry from Washington State University, Pullman in 2018, where she was the president of the Chemistry Club. Samantha joined the Sieber lab upon starting at VCU in 2018.


Stephen Collins (Third-year)

Stephen is a chemistry graduate student at VCU that received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte while working under Prof. Christopher Bejger. He joined the Sieber lab upon starting at VCU in 2019.


Jermaine Cort (Senior)

Previous Group Members:

Kevin Burns (graduate student, currently at University of Virginia)

Kimberly Perez-Morales (Undergraduate, NSF REU)

Skyler Gentry (Undergraduate)

Mytia Edwards (Undergraduate, NSF REU)

Sharon Elele (Undergraduate)

Nathaniel Kaetzel (Undergraduate)

Bre’Shon Dunson (high school student, ACS Project SEED, Summer 2019)

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