July 2021:  Congratulations to Raphael and Mytia on their manuscript describing the first enantioselective aminoallylation of ketones being accepted for publication in Organic Letters!

June 2021:  Welcome Kimberly Perez-Morales from the Rochester Institute of Technology as our NSF supported Summer REU fellow working in the lab!

December 22, 2020:  Our work utilizing allenamides as electrophiles through Pd-catalyzed allylic alkylation was published online in the Israel Journal of Chemistry as part of the special issue honoring Prof. Barry Trost’s 80th birthday. Congratulations to the team!

November 19, 2020: Congratulations to Samantha Gargaro for successfully completing her oral candidacy exam!

November 18, 2020: Congratulations to Raphael Klake for successfully completing his oral candidacy exam!

September 15, 2020:  Our collaborative work with M4ALL on the synthesis of a key fragment to remdesivir was published in Organic Letters. Congratulations all!

August 2020:  Congratulations to Samantha and our previous ACS project SEED high school student Bre’Shon for their paper on a surprising boronic acid homocoupling process that was just published in Synlett as part of the special issue honoring Prof. Barry Trost’s career and 20 years of Science and Synthesis.

May 2020:  Congratulations to Toolika for our review article on Reductive Coupling Strategies published in Synthesis.

December 5, 2019:  Nathaniel presented his work at the VCU Undergraduate Research Symposium! Great work this semester!

November 26, 2018:  Our follow-up paper on enabling Cu-catalyzed branched selectivity for 1,2-aminoalcohol synthesis appeared on Organic Letters ASAP! Congrats Samantha, Raphael, Kevin, Sharon, and Skyler!

October 25, 2018:  Welcome to first-year graduate student Stephen Collins to the group!

September 18, 2018:  Our first paper from work performed at VCU on Cu-catalyzed reductive coupling just appeared on Organic Letters ASAP! Congrats all!

August 9, 2019:  Bre’Shon Dunson presented his summer research at the ACS Project SEED final poster presentation at VCU! Good luck with your final year of high school Bre’Shon!

August 8, 2019:  Our NSF REU studant Mytia Edwards presented her summer research at the REU poster session at VCU. Great job this summer Mytia!

June 2019:  Welcome to our summer high school student Bre’Shon Dunson supported by the ACS Project SEED program!

June 2019:  Welcome to our summer NSF REU student Mytia Edwards!

January 2019:  Welcome new undergraduate students Sharon Elele and Skyler Gentry!

October 31, 2018:  Welcome new graduate students Raphael Klake and Samantha Ginter!

July 30, 2018:  Website established!

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